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  • 4 More Reasons to Update Your Kitchen With Epoxy for Countertops
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4 More Reasons to Update Your Kitchen With Epoxy for Countertops

It is said the the kitchen is the heart of a home, and you want the heart of your home to be able to look great even with all the traffic and use it gets. Your countertops are an essential part of your kitchen, and they can make a huge difference in how the room looks. It is simple to update your countertops, creating new surfaces that have a ton of benefits, such as the ones discussed in 4 Reasons to Use Epoxy on Your Kitchen Countertops

There are even more benefits to using epoxy on your kitchen countertops, so let’s take a look at four more reasons to use epoxy!


  • Scratch Resistance


Your countertops are going to have stuff dragged over them and likely are going to have a knife or two make their way over the surface at some point. Epoxy cures super hard, making it very resistant to scratches, which is ideal for a kitchen countertop.


  • High-Gloss Finish



Epoxy has a gorgeous high-gloss finish. This finish adds a wonderful modern look to your kitchen. Unlike many other types of finishes, epoxy does not easily lose its high gloss finish over time. If you do notice some degradation in the finish, a simple rub down with mineral oil gets it right back to looking new again.


  • Seamlessness


Many types of countertops are installed in pieces, leaving seams. This breaks up the pattern, and also creates a space that can eventually split or have issues in the future. Since epoxy is poured over the entire surface, it offers a completely seamless installation that helps add to its longevity. 


  • Heat Resistance


Most types of countertops cannot have hot items from the stove or oven set on them, as it can ruin the surface. While you do not want to make a habit of setting hot pans on an epoxy finish all the time, as it does eventually affect it, doing so occasionally is okay. Epoxy is heat resistant, so you do not have to panic trying to get it off the countertop immediately, as it has little effect on the countertop.

Ready to upgrade your countertops? You can get the supplies you need from one of our trusted epoxy distributors. If you would prefer professional installation, check out our list of approves epoxy contractors.

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